Virtual Reality R&D

With Facebook´s aquisition of Oculus Rift, one of the leading companies in the field of virtual reality, this technology kind of received the accolade and led to a boom in the entire industry. We have started to deal with virtual reality at an early stage and developed a series of techniques and methods to depict interesting and compelling narrative structures in virtual environments.

Research & Development
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Thomann Official

With authenticity, love for the detail and the willingness to go the so-called extra mile, Thomann has earned his title as the world’s leading online music store and a loyal clientele. But also the best sometimes need some help.

Blood. Sweat. Tears.
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Thomann Official - Entwicklung der Mobile-Shopping-Apps

The Debut

There are things in life that you’ve just got to do. Because you are convinced of it. Because the financial risk is manageable. And because you may help people to fulfil themselves.

Be discovered!
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Dieser kurze und hoffentlich interessante Einblick in einige unserer Projekte und Erfahrungen sollte einen ersten Eindruck vermitteln, wie wir Konzepte und Lösungen für unsere Kunden erarbeiten und Arbeitsprozesse effizienter und nachhaltiger gestalten.

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